Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Maliba Lodge takes pride in its community involvement, actively supporting and investing in education, health, and infrastructure. The lodge believes that it has established a sustainable model, serving as an example for others to follow in promoting responsible tourism and community development.

Maliba's Origin Story

Maliba Mountain Lodge originated from an idea that took shape in 2006 among three partners: Mr. Nick King and Mr. Chris McEvoy from Australia, and Mr. Stephen Phakisi from Lesotho. Their vision was to empower local Basotho through eco-tourism, allowing them to live and work within their communities while contributing to educational, economic, and social improvements.

Stephen identified an ideal site within the Ts’ehlanyane National Park in the northern part of Lesotho’s Maluti Mountains. Originally the halfway camp for the massive Katse Dam water/hydro project, the site already had good access to water and power.

Maliba, which means “lots of water,” was designed by local architects and constructed with the involvement of over 100 local villagers. The lodge was officially inaugurated by the Prime Minister in October 2009.

Despite facing challenges, including a devastating fire that destroyed the main lodge in 2015, Maliba Lodge was rebuilt even larger and stronger than before. It stands as a benchmark for tourism in Lesotho and is the largest employer in the local area.


Providing healthcare to our local communities

Delivering healthcare to the local communities in Lesotho is a crucial endeavor that requires a comprehensive approach. By establishing accessible healthcare services, we aim to address the health needs of the population and improve overall well-being. This involves not only the provision of medical treatments but also education on preventive measures and health awareness. Collaborating with local healthcare professionals, community leaders, and organizations ensures a culturally sensitive and community-driven healthcare system. Through this commitment, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the health and resilience of the people in Lesotho, fostering a foundation for sustainable community well-being.

Promote Lesotho and its culture on the tourism map

Lesotho, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of southern Africa, boasts a rich tapestry of culture waiting to be discovered. From its breathtaking landscapes, including the iconic Drakensberg Mountains, to the warmth of its people, Lesotho offers a unique experience for travelers seeking an authentic encounter. To put Lesotho and its vibrant culture on the tourism map, efforts should be directed towards showcasing its diverse traditions, arts, and historical sites. By promoting this enchanting destination, we not only invite tourists to explore the beauty of Lesotho but also contribute to the preservation and appreciation of its unique heritage.