Experience a beautiful & unique culture

The best way to experience the Basotho culture is to visit one of our local villages or schools and see the simple everyday life and culture of the Basotho people first hand. The villages and their round thatched and stone roundavels make fantastic photo opportunities, but the real highlight of the visit is the warm and friendly people you will meet, often dressed in traditional Basotho Blankets. This is real life, and not a staged cultural village.

Guided Community Tour

Embarking on a guided community tour in Lesotho is a cultural immersion that unveils the heart and soul of this mountainous kingdom. Led by knowledgeable local guides, visitors navigate through vibrant villages, gaining insights into traditional Basotho lifestyles and customs. 

The tour may include visits to local schools, bars, markets where the lively exchanges between residents create a dynamic atmosphere. 

Engaging with the warm and hospitable community members, participants may witness traditional dances or partake in age-old rituals. This guided journey offers a meaningful exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of Lesotho’s rich heritage and creating lasting connections between visitors and the resilient spirit of the Basotho people

Community Tour - Sagoma (Healing Doctor)

Get your reading from the local healing doctor

Visit the the local Sagoma (Healing Docter) and let her read you. This is a once in a life time experience, and will have you left speachless.

Visit the local school's and listen to traditional songs sang

A beautiful eye opening opportunity to visit the local schools and see how they learn, you may get lucky and get to listen and see some touching traditional song and dance.

Community Tour - School Girl
Community Tour - Local "Sheebeen" Bar

Visit the local bar & share a beer with the locals

Visit the “shebeen” a local pub and watch how they make local beer using. 

Interact with locals and experience their way of life

Interacting with locals on a guided tour in Lesotho is an enriching experience that adds depth to the exploration of this unique kingdom. The guided tour not only unveils the breathtaking landscapes but also fosters meaningful connections with the warm and welcoming Basotho community

Basotho shepard with a herd of cows