Step Back In Time And Visit Places Prehistoric Beast Use To Roam

Lesotho is home to some of the most well preserved and maintained dinosaur artifacts in the world, attracting many archaeologists and paleontologists. We invite you to journey to where dinosaurs once walked, getting the rare opportunity to see preserved footprints which are over 150 million years old. A Maliba dinosaur guide will travel with you, sharing their knowledge of the dinosaurs and process of foot print formation.

Dinosaur Footprint Tour Rates

The tour takes you to the Tsikoane Cave foot print site. There is a 2 km hike to the Tsikoane footprints, where the prints are embedded in the roof of a rock overhang. Due to the unusual formation of the prints, they have been very well preserved and are certainly an impressive sight. This tour is quite lengthy and it is recommended that you arrange a packed lunch when booking.

There is a further optional route which includes some simple rock climbing/ bouldering to a stunning view point, this is definitely worth doing if your fitness allows.