Practise Your Aim With The Bow And Arrow

Engaging in archery at Maliba Lodge is a unique and invigorating experience set against the stunning backdrop of the Maluti Mountains in Lesotho. Guests can immerse themselves in the age-old art of archery with professional instructors guiding them through the techniques and skills involved.

Archery Activity

Originally a tool used for hunting, archery is a fantastic activity to challenge your concentration, steadiness of hand and your aim. Whether you are new to archery or have some practice on your belt, enjoy the thrill of testing your skills at the range.

Take Aim In The Mountain Kingdom

First time shooting a bow and arrow? What better place to learn, with the rolling mountains as your back drop let our guides help you master the art of Archery. Indemnity form must be filled out before Archery.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Archery

While some may see archery as a fun hobby, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Records trace the first bow and arrow back as far as 50,000 BC. It was traditionally used for hunting but is now a popular sporting contest, and it’s even a competitive Olympic sport. Though often perceived as a stationary sport, competitive archers actually require a significant amount of strength, endurance and focus to perform well, making it an ideal sport to help keep you healthy and fit (Health Fitness Revolution; 2015).

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should make a trip to the archery range while at Maliba:

1) Improved hand-eye coordination and balance: Archery trains the hands to work together while performing different tasks, aiming and firing the arrow based on input from your eyes. Coordination improves with repetition and practice. Balance is also paramount to success in archery, as the body must be held still while aiming and making a shot. Over time, the core becomes better at gaining control of the body’s balance and helps with more accurate shooting (Health Fitness Revolution; 2015).

2) Hand and finger flexibility: Finger and hand strength increase in archery. They also become more flexible because they are fully in use while aiming at the target (Health Fitness Revolution; 2015).