Maliba Community Trust Empowering the local community

The Maliba Trust consists of representation from the local community and Maliba, and its goal is to identify, plan and finance projects that will help empower the local community.Guests are encouraged to contribute time, skills or money to ensure the success of these projects.
Some initial projects have included:

  • Establishment of community forest outside of park
  • Free range chicken and egg project
  • Sponsorship of school agricultural projects to help teach children basic agriculture skill and provide some food and income for the schools
  • Purchase and operates a module clinic and operate with the assistance of the local St Dennis Health clinic for antenatal care, dispersing HIV anti viral drugs, TB medication, etc.
  • Establish a local community center to help with engaging and looking after HIV orphans and those in our local community that are vulnerable.


The directors of Maliba have strong personal interest and association with the local basotho people especially those from the local villages in the vicinity of Maliba lodge. In fact one of the driving influences in establishing a world class tourist lodge in Lesotho was as a way of providing employment and upliftment of the local people and empower them through skills transfer to help make a change in this very poor country.

Maliba lodge was built using mainly labor from local villages in fact at the peak nearly 100 local basotho’s were involved in the lodge construction and many had the opportunity to learn new skills. Now we are operating, the best of these staff have been retrained as Barmen, security, house staff, gardeners, maintenance, and one has even progressed to a management position. All staff are very proud of “their lodge” and have become valued, highly trained dedicated staff who really look after and interact with our guests.


Bank Transfer for South Africa, Lesotho (Direct Debit)

If you’re in South Africa or Lesotho, you can donate via Bank Transfer (Direct Debit) to the following account:
Acc Name: Maliba Trust Cheque
Acc No: 021 000 061 945
Branch No: 390-161
Branch Name: Maseru
Ref: Your Email Address

Outside South Africa & Lesotho

You will be redirected to Exchange4free page that will handle the donation from different currency. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are willing to donate to Maliba Trust, please click the following button:

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