Reach New Heights On Horseback In The Mountain Kingdom

The horse is a source of pride in Lesotho and the Basotho are renowned as a nation of horsemen. For generations, the sure-footed Basotho ‘pony’ has been bred as the ideal form of transport in the rugged mountains. Even today, the pony is still the most effective means of reaching the more inaccessible mountain villages.

Guided Horse Riding Tour

Pony trekking on the hardy Basotho ponies are immensely popular and a fantastic way of exploring Lesotho’s beautiful rugged terrain as the bridle paths that crisscross Lesotho are barely wide enough for vehicles but the ponies effortlessly dodge obstacles and loose rocks. Basotho Horse Rides are fun for everyone young and old. Go on a guided trek on the back of a traditional Basotho horse by yourself or in a group.

Soak In The Views Of The Spectacular Maluti Mountain Range

Take your Basotho to incredible views that overlook the Lodge. Be blown away with the natural beauty of the Ts’ehlanyane National Park and get some time to take some beautiful photos of the landscape.

Ride To The Magical Three Cascade Waterfall

Embarking on a horse ride to the Three Cascades Waterfall in the Tsehlanyane National Park is a thrilling adventure that combines the beauty of nature with the charm of equestrian exploration. As riders traverse the picturesque landscapes of the national park on horseback, they are treated to breathtaking views of rolling hills, rocky terrain, and traditional Basotho villages. The rhythmic hoofbeats of the horses complement the soothing sounds of nature, creating a harmonious journey towards the Three Cascades Waterfall. Upon arrival, the cascading waters reveal themselves, surrounded by the majestic Lesotho highlands. This horse ride not only offers a unique and immersive way to experience the stunning scenery but also allows riders to connect with the rich cultural tapestry of Lesotho, making it a memorable and enchanting expedition.

What Makes The The Basotho Pony Special In Lesotho

The Basotho Pony, also called Basuto is native to Lesotho. An inhospitable climate, high altitude & steep terrain have created an incredibly hardy, capable breed of horse. The people of Lesotho take pride in their animals & often horseback is the most suitable form of transport over steep terrain.


Average Height = 14.2

Hands = Compact, sturdy & surefooted


Basutos have rather heavy heads, long necks and long, straight backs, straight shoulders, and muscular, sloping croups. They have very tough legs and sound, very hard hooves.

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Spirited & intelligent
Amiable & friendly

Key Traits 

Sure-footed, fast, fearless and are known for their stamina