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Lesotho Ultra Trail 2016

November 9, 2016

The Maluti Mountains

The Lesotho Ultra Trail (LUT) is Africa’s First Ultra Sky marathon which takes place in the heart of the Maluti Mountains. The Lesotho Highlands consists of some the best terrain in the world for high altitude running, this is why competitors from all over the world flock to participate in this annual event. As the years go by, the race is growing in popularity and this year’s LUT event is promised to bigger and better than ever. 

Maluti Mountains image

The Lesotho Highlands makes the best terrain for Ultra sky marathons

What is an Ultra Sky marathon?

Ultra Sky marathon races are within a minimum of 2000 meters total elevation gain and between approximately 30 kilometres to 42 kilometres in distance. The course may be over paths, trails or rock and has a limit of approximately 15 percent on paved or tarred surfaces and may reach or exceed around roughly 3500 meters. This type of marathon tests an individual’s strength and agility whilst proving to be simultaneously enjoyable.

ultra sky marathon image

A contestant participating in an Ultra sky marathon

Maliba Lodge’s connection with LUT

Maliba Lodge is the host for this exhilarating event. Seeing that the Lodge is situated in the mountainous Ts’ehlanyane National Park, makes it the perfect landscape to host LUT. This year will be the fourth consecutive year that Maliba Lodge successfully hosts this renowned event. Contestants get to experience the picturesque beauty of the Mountain Kingdom at Maliba Lodge whilst participating in a race they are passionate about.

LUT maliba lodge image

Maliba Lodge has hosted the LUT for 4 consecutive years

LUT participants image

Participants eagerly leave the starting point to begin the race

LUT 2015 winner

Last year’s winner Lucky Miya said “I love the physical challenge of sky-running, especially technical trails with long steep climbs on mountains above 2000 meters. Having the opportunity of testing the body against extreme conditions is always an overwhelming experience. I feel proud and humbled by the concept of sky running,” Miya will be back to run this year’s LUT in the hopes to become victor once again and maintain his winning championship.

Lucky Miya LUT image

Lucky Miya, the winner of LUT 2015

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