Horse Riding / Pony Trekking Exploring Lesotho’s beautiful rugged terrain

The horse is a source of pride in Lesotho and the Basotho are renowned as a nation of horsemen.For generations, the sure-footed Basotho ‘pony’ has been bred as the ideal form of transport in the rugged mountains. Even today, the pony is still the most effective means of reaching the more inaccessible mountain villages.

Pony trekking holidays on the hardy Basotho ponies are immensely popular and a fantastic way of exploring Lesotho’s beautiful rugged terrain as the bridle paths that criss-cross Lesotho are barely wide enough for vehicles but the ponies effortlessly dodge obstacles and loose rocks.Basotho Horse Rides are fun for everyone young and old. Go on a guided trek on the back of a traditional Bosotho horse by yourself or in a group.



Check out the pricing guide below to get all the information you need to entertain yourself and the kids for a time filling activity (1-3 hours) all the way up to a full day trek (approx 5-7 hours).

RideTime1 Person2-4 People5-8 People
short ride2 HrsR 495R 450R 400
Medium3-4 HrsR750R700R650

* Group Size(Per Person Rate)




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