Community Visit Tour Culture of the Basotho people

The best way to experience the Basotho way is to visit one of our local vilages or schools and see the simple everyday life and culture of the Basotho people first hand.

The villages and their round thatched and stone roundavels make fantastic photo opportunities, but the real highlight of the visit is the warm and friendly people you will meet, often dressed in traditional Basotho Blankets. This is real life, and not a staged cultural village.

We can even arrange a visit to the local Sagoma (witch doctor) or shebeen (local pub).

Maliba-Local Culture-Community-Tour-1
Maliba-Local Culture-Community-tour-2


Check out the pricing guide below to get all the information you need to entertain yourself and the kids for a time filling activity.

90 Minutes Tour : R300

Additional Guest (Per Person):R200

* Group Size(Per Person Rate)




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