• The Lesotho Highlands offer some of the most fantastic off road driving you will encounter anywhere in Southern Africa. It is full of beautiful mountain passes (No less than nine) and deep river valleys with tremendous scenery were ever you look. They don’t call it the roof of Africa for nothing!

    The roads and passes themselves offer varying challenges that can test driver and vehicle alike. Most of the countries roads are little more than dirt tracks, however the road network (such as it is) is slowly upgrading in line with the main roads.

    Watch out for the weather though, as Lesotho can cycle through all four seasons in a single day leaving conditions varied and in places difficult. So whether you are in 4 wheels or just 2, the mountain Kingdom has a challenge for you that you will find both inspiring and rewarding at the end of the day.

    Your weekend warriors, your hardcore 4WDers, and everyone in between will find suitably challenging routes not only in Lesotho as a whole, but also in the immediate vicinity of Ts’ehlanyane National Park.

    The PDFs listed below provide guides to the different tracks available in Malibas vicinity.

    • Route Overviews
    • Route A – Maliba to Moeling[Cyan] and Moahloli [Pink]
    • Route B – Maliba to Sebaka [Green], Khojane [Red], and St Dom [Blue]
    • Route C – Maliba to St Dennis [Yellow]
    • Route D – Maliba to Ha Pentsi [Pink]
    • Route E – Maliba to Lentsoaneng [Blue], Ha Ntholi [Red], and Sakaleholo [Green]
    • Route Entry Pictures – Provides photographs of the entry point for each track.
  • The horse is a source of pride in Lesotho and the Basotho are renowned as a nation of horsemen.For generations, the sure-footed Basotho ‘pony’ has been bred as the ideal form of transport in the rugged mountains. Even today, the pony is still the most effective means of reaching the more inaccessible mountain villages.

    Pony trekking holidays on the hardy Basotho ponies are immensely popular and a fantastic way of exploring Lesotho’s beautiful rugged terrain as the bridle paths that criss-cross Lesotho are barely wide enough for vehicles but the ponies effortlessly dodge obstacles and loose rocks.Basotho Horse Rides are fun for everyone young and old. Go on a guided trek on the back of a traditional Bosotho horse by yourself or in a group.

    Check out the pricing guide below to get all the information you need to entertain yourself and the kids for a time filling activity (1-3 hours) all the way up to a full day trek (approx 5-7 hours).

    RideTime1 Person2-4 People5-8 People
    short ride2 HrsR 495R 450R 400
    Medium3-4 HrsR750R700R650

    * Group Size(Per Person Rate)

  • Lesotho is home to some of the most well preserved and maintained dinosaur artifacts in the world, attracting many archaeologists and paleontologists. We invite you to journey to where dinosaurs once walked, getting the rare opportunity to see preserved footprints which are over 150 million years old. A Maliba dinosaur guide will travel with you, sharing their knowledge of the dinosaurs and process of foot print formation.

    The tour takes you to the Tsikoane Cave foot print site. There is a 2 km hike to the Tsikoane footprints, where the prints are embedded in the roof of a rock overhang. Due to the unusual formation of the prints, they have been very well preserved and are certainly an impressive sight. This tour is quite lengthy and it is recommended that you arrange a packed lunch when booking.

    There is a further optional route which includes some simple rock climbing/ bouldering to a stunning view point, this is definitely worth doing if your fitness allows.

    Check out the pricing guide below to get all the information you need to entertain yourself and the kids for a time filling activity (6 hours).

    Duration GuestsPrice
    6 hrsAdultR 500
    6 hrsKids(5-12)R350

    Check out conditions here.


  • From the Mountain Pippit to the majestic Bearded Vulture, there is plenty for the avid birdwatcher to see during their stay at Maliba. Ts’ehlanyane National Park, as well as Lesotho as a whole has a huge cross section of beautiful flying fauna to admire and photograph. has as close to a complete database on the subject that you will find anywhere online, while we also have available a list of species that are specific to Ts’ehlanyane in PDF format here.

  • Originally a tool used for hunting, archery is a fantastic activity to challenge your concentration, steadiness of hand and your aim.Whether you are new to archery or have some practice on your belt, enjoy the thrill of testing your skills at the range.

    DurationRate Per PersonDeposit to be Rfeunded
    on return of equipment
    30 MinR 200R 100

    *~ is approximation of current currency value
    Download indemnity form here.

  • The park has 4 major rivers and numerous waterfalls (some of which even freeze over in winter), rock pools, swimming holes. A nearby valley known as the Valley Of The Pools has over 16 deep swimming holes, over a 5km stretch. A spectacular tripple waterfall known as Lesaloto is also only a 4 hour return hike from the lodge.

    The parks numerous swimming holes, rapids and rivers all contain pristine clear water. Maliba has its own private natural swimming hole which is less than 50 meters from the chalets, and is in a private natural setting with lounges, umberellas and towels.


  • The best way to experience the Basotho way is to visit one of our local vilages or schools and see the simple everyday life and culture of the Basotho people first hand.

    The villages and their round thatched and stone roundavels make fantastic photo opportunities, but the real highlight of the visit is the warm and friendly people you will meet, often dressed in traditional Basotho Blankets. This is real life, and not a staged cultural village.

    We can even arrange a visit to the local Sagoma (witch doctor) or shebeen (local pub).

    Check out the pricing guide below to get all the information you need to entertain yourself and the kids for a time filling activity.

    Duration Of TourTimeRate per additional guest
    90 MinutesR300R200

    * Group Size(Per Person Rate)


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