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5 Simple Tricks To Make You A Better Runner

With the Lesotho Ultra Trail coming up, here are a few tips for tackling the Maluti Mountains:
1. Focus on the finish line.
A new study from New York University showed that a little thought-tweaking can help athletes get to their destination more quickly. In the study, when walkers focused on the finish line instead of thinking about their surroundings, they were faster and perceived their distance as shorter. This mental trick is not just reserved for one sport; the study’s authors speculate the strategy could work for any activity — like biking, for example — where you can focus on a marker in front of you. You don’t need to reach the final finish to milk this approach for all its worth. Focus on mini-targets for the duration of your workout — like a trash can or tree branch — to break your sweat session into segments. It’ll feel a lot more manageable

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