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Vulture project and Camera Trap!

Vultures have in the past been seen as vermin which have spread disease and killed livestock and have been ruthlessly wiped out as a result.  Their numbers have been further reduced by a dwindling habitat and demands of the traditional medicine trade. But vultures form a vital link in the food web of any ecosystem and need to be protected. Maliba Trust, with the help of KZN Wildlife, Endangered Wildlife Trust and the community, have started a vulture restaurant in our park. (A vulture restaurant is an open place where dead carcasses of domestic and/or wild mammals are placed with the intention of providing a food source for vultures). This assists in the protection, monitoring and conservation of vultures or, more specifically the Bearded Vulture. It will form a source for eco-tourism and education, not only allowing the community to observe and learn about these birds but also in providing a valuable attraction for birders and photographers. 

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Maliba Lodge – Vulture Restaurant Project

Maliba Mountain Lodge, with the help of vulture specialists Sonja Kruger and Andre Botha from KZN Wildlife and the Endangered Wildlife Trust, have started a vulture feeding site in the Ts’ehlanyane National Park, with the aim to attract the rare Bearded and Cape vultures for protection and research. In the past vultures have been seen as vermin- spreading disease and killing livestock and have thus been killed, virtually driving them to the brink of extinction.KZN Wildlife Vulture Program

Vultures form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up dead carcasses and decreasing the spread of some diseases and therefore need to be protected. The main cause of the demise of this important raptor group is a declining food source, although other issues such as loss of foraging areas, electrocution by electricity pylons, and inadvertent poisoning also have a strong negative influence on their numbers. Read more

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