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Cherry and Camembert Tart with puff pastry


Cherry season has arrived yet again and Maluti Cherries have been floating around the whole of Lesotho.  I decided to treat myself the other day with a delicious Cherry and Camembert tart which I decided to share with you because it’s just too good not to!

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Lesotho Trout fillets and Spring Vegetables

OPEN SEASON!Lesotho Trout fillets and Spring Vegetables

Trout fishing is something of a pickle, from the rods being lighter to the Bait resembling that of a dragon fly and then the technique of making one’s fly move without disturbing the water in order to create a flowing creature that looks good enough to eat! Trout fishing is a blessed affair in Lesotho; the streams are filled to the brim with flopping, shining, spotted trout.  People come from all over to enjoy and marvel in the experience. This month I am celebrating the two seasons combined. Trout season and Spring.

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Dark Chocolate Fondants

The month of Love and Decadence

It’s February and the month of Love.  One normally would associate Valentine’s Day with Bollie, Cards, Flowers and best of all Jewellery.  I associate Valentine’s Day with smooth, decadent Desserts. Those melt in your mouth; toe curling, sumptuous and delicious Desserts that make all the single ladies put their hands up and the hand cradling couples wish everyday were Valentine’s Day.

Dark Chocolate claims itself to be an Aphrodisiac.  Aphrodisiac named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. The Maya and Olmec tribes of Central America believed that the Cacao Tree was given to them by the gods. So for all who believe that Chocolate is a celestial Gift I have the perfect recipe for you to indulge in, for you to swoon in, for you to cosset in.

I never met a piece of Chocolate I didn’t like!

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Apple Tart Tatin


It’s January 2011.  Normally one would have a New Year’s resolution.  This is generally something you feel you should improve upon – a newer you, well, I say forget it! Take this year with the best of the best. Be who you are, believe in what you stand for and what you feel makes you, you! Happy new year to all! I’m starting this year with the wrong side up and the right side down.  The recipe: Upside down Apple Tart.

Apple Tart-Tatin

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Cherry Tartlets


Each year around this time there is a festival in Ficksburg that dedicates itself to the marvels of Cherries and their many uses.  I drew inspiration from the excitement that is surrounding this Festival and all of its promotions.  I decided to do a very easy Cherry Tartlet for this month and it is delicious, doesn’t take up your time and deems as an alternative Christmas desserts for those not-so-conventional Christmas followers.Cherry Tartlet

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Crumbed Parmesan and Spring Onion Maize Cake

Crumbed Parmesan and Spring Onion Maize Cake


When you visit a foreign country you have already planned what you must do, where you must go and where you must eat.  When I travel, I always try the local cuisine. In Lesotho the staple food is ‘Papa’ otherwise known as cooked Maize meal.  They eat it with various items such as Maroho – fried pumpkin leaves – or Nyama, the Sesotho word for meat.  What I decided to do was take ‘Papa’ and spruce it up by adding Grated parmesan Cheese, Spring Onion, crème Fraiche and coating it in herbs and Bread Crumbs.  It is something that you will be complimented on every time you make it and believe me, people will be asking for more! Read more

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