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To Kota, Finally!

To Kota, Finally!


The Maliba Mobile Clinic was able to travel to the Kota community for the first time since a damaged bridge has been repaired.

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Elegance Unveiled

Maliba Lodge Celebrates The Opening Of The New Main Lodge

lodge outsife2

New Main Lodge: Entrance

 After considerable perseverance over the past 15 months, Maliba Lodge takes great pride in announcing the completion, and opening of the newly constructed Main Lodge.


New Main Lodge: Deck

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On The Horizon

Maliba Main Lodge Going Well!


With the roof completed the focus turned to completing the building and the finishing touches.



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Christmas 2013: Caring for mums and babies in Lesotho.

A pregnant charity worker from London has experienced first-hand what the challenges are in pregnancy and birth for mums to be in Lesotho, Africa.

Katharine Hamilton visited St James’ Hospital in Mantsonyane

While six months pregnant with her third child, Katharine Hamilton, 43, visited St James’ Hospital, in Mantsonyane, Lesotho, to see its work with new mothers and their babies. The hospital is located high in the mountains of Lesotho where the temperature in winter is very cold, and the terrain is rough and barren. Read more

Maternal Health Care Workshop

Manager of the Maliba Community Development Trust

Hi Everyone

I just want to let you know about the workshop that was had at St.Denis Clinic for 60 pregnant and nursing mothers which is called Maternal Health Care workshop. The workshop took five days starting from the 22nd to 26th of July.

As the name implies, the mothers and mothers-to-be were taught about very important issues to reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality.  Topics that were covered included pregnancy, Labour, child raising, attending ante natal clinics, importance, stages and types of infant and child immunization. Read more

Hand Me Down, Lesotho Redistribution – September 2013

sa-adventure-logoThere is no other way to describe our recent redistribution to the MaHali community centre in Lesotho, other than breath taking.

From the moment we met up with Hali, the new Maliba Community Trust Manager, anticipation and excitement filled the air.

We set off from Maliba Lodge at 9am and drove to the MaHali community, greeted with the chants of the community workers and the smiles of the children. Read more

New manager of the Maliba Community Development Trust

Manager of the Maliba Community Development Trust

Makau Hali Khutsi

We are pleased to announce Makau Hali Khutsi has been appointed Manager of the Maliba Community Development Trust.  Hali was born and raised in Butha Buthe, Lesotho. He earned his degree in Agriculture in 2009 at the Lesotho Agricultural College and taught Agriculture and Science at St. Denis High School in St. Denis, Leribe from 2009 until earlier this year.

Hali has a history of community service as a volunteer teaching food production in partnership with various Village Support Groups.  As an Agriculture teacher he was responsible for the design and execution of special projects in support of Hunger Alleviation.  These projects involved students and local farmers groups managing for production & sale: Eggs, Vegetables, Pigs, Rabbits and Grain. Read more

Christmas in Lesotho

TMaggie Day - Lesotho Volunteerhis month our Village Life column is from M’e Mantai Musa.  M’e Mantai is the Maliba Trust’s Community Liaison Trainee.  She lives in the neighbouring village of Ha Mali and runs the Saturday youth program at the Ha Mali Community Center, co-teachers a Business Education Class for out-of-school individuals and assists with Village Support Groups.

“The Christmas Holiday celebration begins as a homecoming all through December.  Many people work or go to school in South Africa or other places but this time of year everyone comes back and it is a happy time as husbands, wives, children and friends are now home together. Read more

Never a dull moment in Lesotho…

Maggie Day - Lesotho VolunteerIt’s surprising how many death defying events can occur on a regular basis here.

And not just the routine risks that come with working with kids who live on the edge from the time they can toddle.  I’ve seen children as young as 3 years of age speeding along on the backs of donkeys, bareback.  Little ones smashing glass bottles together just because.  Sliding down hillsides on jagged pieces of corrugated metal, chasing each other into the edges of whatever sharp thing is around, playing with fire, running with knives, throwing rocks at each other and just generally causing all sorts of bloody injuries in the interest of great fun. Did I mention we have one of the world’s highest incidences of HIV/AIDS?  So I bought a box of surgical gloves and am careful, careful when one of the kids comes for help with a cut at the Community Center. Read more

2012 Handme downs with SA Adventure in review

As 2012 comes to an end, we would like to say a huge thank you for all the support we have had throughout the year! Hand me Down, along with Maliba Mountain Lodge have managed to redistribute Hand me Downs to over 1200 people this year, which is a huge achievement!

Although Hand me Down is a fairly new initiative, SA Adventure has always been involved in community and sustainable development projects around Southern Africa. What we have found truly amazing working with the Maliba Community this year, is the shear respect amongst the community. The Community workers are brilliant; they are always there to help our volunteers and the community, they serve selflessly!  They are fully aware of those who are most in need and create an environment of working together for the betterment of others. The recipients of Hand me Downs are called up one by one, from a line of probably 400 people at a time.  They are listed according to level of need, not age or gender!  How phenomenal!  I have to say that it is not only a humbling experience to witness, but we could learn a few things from these communities! Read more

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