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Katse Trout farms – Birth of an industry

Katse Fish Farms is in the process of completing its 5-year Trout Aquaculture Project based within the Katse Reservoir.

Royale Highlands Trout have just hit 300 tons in annual production and Lesotho now supplies the fastest moving product in the deli section of Woolworths Foods in South Africa. We have established all the necessary technology, logistics, marketing channels to now move from 300 tons/annum to 3000 tons/annum over the next 3 years.

This will necessitate for a primary processing plant and a hatchery with the capacity to permanently employ not less than 150 Basotho.

This is truly the birth of a New Industry in Lesotho.


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Aquaculture – Katse Dam Trout Farms

The Drakensberg-Maloti Highlands are highly valued in southern Africa for their rivers’ excellent water quality and high water yield. These rivers provide water to large areas of South Africa. The region encompasses the whole of Lesotho, excluding the westernmost lowland areas as well as small parts of South Africa just south and north of Lesotho.


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