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All Aboard For Lovely Lesotho

All Aboard For Lovely Lesotho



Lesotho Highlands Photo: Maliba Lodge


Some years ago, when I still owned my then 35-year-old Datsun GX 1200, we decided to drive to the Katse Dam in Lesotho. We had to turn back at the start of a steep pass as the car was struggling (it emerged it needed a new fuel pump) and sulked for weeks afterwards at being deprived of a little adventure.

Bonitas Radox Golden Gate Challenge 2012

Bonitas Radox golden gate challenge 2012The 26th to 28th October 2012 saw only the second hosting of the Bonitas Radox Golden Gate Challenge by the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Wild Series team. This trail run event is run in partnership with South African National Parks at the Golden Gate Highland National Park in the Free State, in an area known as South Africa’s “best kept secret” in terms of our national parks. This event was again a huge success, with 187 runners participating in the event and experiencing 3 days of challenging and well-designed trail running. The Golden Gate Highlands National Park offers an incredible network of trails that challenged the most hardy trail runners, but also allowed them the most amazing views and vistas, with an abundance of highland grassland game to keep them company. The event was won by Wayne Scott (8h 6minutes) and Erica Walker (9h 25min) respectively in the men’s and ladies categories while many were relieved to have simply finished the race. Throughout the event, runners were praising the professional manner in which the event was run, and the amazing routes selected for them to traverse, despite grasps from participants when the next day’s race profile was revealed! Read more

Lesotho a photographers dream

Africa never ceases to amaze me. Over thirty years of living on this continent and there are still surprises to be had and many roads to be more travelled. And so it was when my husband and I travelled to Lesotho for the first time for a weekend at Maliba Mountain Lodge.

Sand Stone cliffs of Golden Gate NP

Sand Stone cliffs of Golden Gate NP (Photo by Sharon Bishop)

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