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Felicia petiolata

Felicia petiolata - Daisy

Felicia petiolata - Daisy


The UN has declared 2010 as an international year of Biodiversity. It is also the year that we celebrate the achievements in plant conservation. As such Maliba Mountain Lodge also strives to promote conservation of indigenous flora through displays and education.


Compositae / atereaceae – Daisy family

(Petiolata – stalked, it refers to the long leaf stalks). The Genus “Felicia” was named after Herr Felix in 1846, a German official at Regesburg. It is one of largest family of flowering plants, and are mostly made up of herbs. There are several species in Lesotho and South Africa. It’s a perennial herbaceous plant that blooms all year round; it is naturally reaching its flowering pick in summer. Its growth habit is spreading. Read more

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