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Dark Chocolate Fondants

Dark Chocolate Fondants

The month of Love and Decadence

It’s February and the month of Love.  One normally would associate Valentine’s Day with Bollie, Cards, Flowers and best of all Jewellery.  I associate Valentine’s Day with smooth, decadent Desserts. Those melt in your mouth; toe curling, sumptuous and delicious Desserts that make all the single ladies put their hands up and the hand cradling couples wish everyday were Valentine’s Day.

Dark Chocolate claims itself to be an Aphrodisiac.  Aphrodisiac named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. The Maya and Olmec tribes of Central America believed that the Cacao Tree was given to them by the gods. So for all who believe that Chocolate is a celestial Gift I have the perfect recipe for you to indulge in, for you to swoon in, for you to cosset in.

I never met a piece of Chocolate I didn’t like!


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