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Vulture project and Camera Trap!

Vultures have in the past been seen as vermin which have spread disease and killed livestock and have been ruthlessly wiped out as a result.  Their numbers have been further reduced by a dwindling habitat and demands of the traditional medicine trade. But vultures form a vital link in the food web of any ecosystem and need to be protected. Maliba Trust, with the help of KZN Wildlife, Endangered Wildlife Trust and the community, have started a vulture restaurant in our park. (A vulture restaurant is an open place where dead carcasses of domestic and/or wild mammals are placed with the intention of providing a food source for vultures). This assists in the protection, monitoring and conservation of vultures or, more specifically the Bearded Vulture. It will form a source for eco-tourism and education, not only allowing the community to observe and learn about these birds but also in providing a valuable attraction for birders and photographers. 

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