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Blue Scilla (Scilla Natalensis)

Kherere (Sotho);  Inguduza (Zulu); Blouslangkop (Afrikaans); Blue-squill / Blue Scilla of Africa (English)

Scilla Natalensis flowers

Scilla Natalensis flowers (Photo: Wikipedia)


Hyacinthaceae – family

Scilla natalensis is a graceful perennial bulb. The leaves are broad and sharply tapering, narrowing at its apex and grey green in color.  The flower growths are borne on long slender stalks of about one meter high and bright blue color. In general it produces a large bulb, 10 to 15 cm in diameter, covered with firm, hardened, papery brown or purplish tunics (bulb scales). It is deciduous, growing during summer and dormant in the winter. Read more

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