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Spiral Aloe (Aloe Polyphylla)

Spiral Aloe (Aloe Polyphylla)

Aloe polyphylla (Kharetsa – SS, Spiral aloe – English, Kroonaalwyn – Afrikaans meaning “crown aloe”)


The Spiral Aloe is a rare and beautiful aloe found in the Maluti Mountains. Very characteristic is the unique spiral arrangement of the leaves. It was discovered by Mr. F.H. Holland in 1915 at Phurumela Mountains of Lesotho, and then Dr. Schonland of Albany museum in Grahamstown described it but not published until 1934.  It was then described officially by Mr. N. S. Pillans in South African Gardening and Country Life using Dr. Schonland notes. (Sean Gildenhuys).Spiral Aloe leaves



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