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Accommodation within National Parks in Africa

Accommodation within National Parks in Africa

1.    Maliba Lodge

Maliba Lodge is the first and only 5-star lodge situated in the heart of the Tsehlanyane national park which is located in Lesotho, or better known as the ‘Mountain Kingdom’. Hiking in the National Park is an absolute must as this allows guests to experience the wild life, which includes eland, vultures and jackals, and the breath taking views of the Maluti Mountains. Dinosaur footprint tours is another exciting activity offered at Maliba Lodge as Lesotho is home to some of the most well preserved and maintained dinosaur artifacts in the world.

image 1
Maliba Lodge 5-Star Luxury Chalets
image 2
The view of the Mountains from Maliba Lodge

2.    Rhino Post Safari Lodge

Rhino Post Safari Lodge offers its guests an exclusive experience of the wilderness. Situated in the Kruger National Park, it is a 12 000 hectare private concession. Rhino post offers guest’s exclusive game viewing. The lodge offers comfort and luxury while being conscious of the environment. Sleep outs under the stars are a special feature of Rhino Post Safari Lodge and morning and afternoon game drives give guests a memorable African wilderness experience. 

image 3
Rhino Post Safari Lodge
image 4
Rhino Post Safari Lodge boma area

3.    Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

The Four Seasons Safari Lodge situated in the Serengeti National Park offers a sanctuary of comfort. It allows guests to get up close and personal with lions, leopards and elephants whilst simultaneously keeping guests safe and pampered. Guided walks allows guests to experience the wonders of the Serengeti and it shines a light on the wildlife sanctuary’s most subtle and unusual characteristics. The Lodge’s acclaimed Discovery Centre is the first conservation research and interactive education platform where guests can review the images with an expert and create a personalized digital photo collection that will help guests remember every inch of one of the world’s last wild places.

image 5
Views of the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti
image 6
Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti accommodation

4.    Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge

Situated at the very heart of a wildlife reserve, Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge is authentic and truly wild. It is situated in the Chobe National Park which is the elephant capital of the world and is a perfect place to feel the pulse of Botswana. Safari drives in the Savute area will allow one to view the vast wildlife ranging from leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, lions and even antelope. The Gubatsa Hills within the National Park consists of rock paintings depicting early man’s animal encounters. These Rock paintings San Bushman rock paintings can be discovered by guests who stay at the Lodge.

image 7
Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge
image 8
Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge safari drives

5.    Kuzuko Lodge

Situated in a private section of the Addo Elephant National Park, 72 kilometres by road from Port Elizabeth. Kuzuko Lodge is gloriously situated high upon a hill overlooking the vast region of the big five reserve. Guided cheetah walks is one of the most unusual activities offered at Kuzuko Lodge. The Cheetahs can tolerate the presence of humans, which allows for the exclusive experience of getting up close and personal with one of Africa’s big cats. Game drives at Kuzuko are exciting as the experienced guides track and point out the many species of fauna and flora which occur in the reserve.

image 9
Views of the whole Kuzuko Lodge
image 10
Kuzuko Lodge accommodation
Lesotho Ultra Trail Press release 2016

Lesotho Ultra Trail Press release 2016

Lesotho trail run gathers huge international field

On Saturday the 26th November 2016, Lesotho Ultra Trail is expecting its largest field on the start line as it enters its fourth year, in addition to athletes from 11 different countries across the globe. 

“The race has always been a sell-out, but this year we have operated an efficient substitution procedure which means that those who have been forced to withdraw have been quickly replaced,” said Andrew Booth, Race Director.

Equally exciting are the elite runner fields consisting of local and international runners from around the world. In particular the ladies race is going to be very difficult to call with no less than five competing internationals up against South African Karine Bezuidenhout. Defending champion Tracy Zunckel as well as previous winner Trish Bahlmann have both withdrawn due to other sporting commitments. The men’s race is the opposite with seeming only one international runner in podium contention. 

“We consider both South African and Lesotho Nationals to be local runners at Lesotho Ultra Trail, and it appears that one of them will take the title. Bruce Arnett took second in 2015 after winning Skyrun the weekend before. He is going to try and do it again, so that will be an interesting story to follow. Eric Ngubane is always a great bet, but he will be running the course for the first time on race day,” said Booth. 

While the racing will be hot up front, most of the field will be aiming to finish the prestigious 50km Ultra Skymarathon or the 38km Mountain Challenge. The route that starts and finishes at Maliba Lodge, the host venue, climbs to the top of the Maluti Mountain Range topping out at over 3200m above sea level. The race is run along purpose-built trails up and down the mountain, but for a section along the top, runners follow the marked route along a network of shepherd trails. The race crew, assisted by Donkeys, trek supplies into the mountains and help ensure the safety of the participants. 

For more information about Lesotho Ultra Trail visit

Elite Fields:


  • Karine Bezuidenhout (RSA)
  • Krissy Moehl (USA)
  • Hillary Allen (USA)
  • Monica Ochs (USA)
  • Manu Vilaseca (BRA)
  • Holly Page (UK)


  • Eric Ngubane (RSA)
  • Quinton Honey (RSA)
  • Bruce Arnett (RSA)
  • Gerard Morales (SPA)
  • Tsokolo Mohavi (LES)

Race Information:

Race name: Lesotho Ultra Trail

Venue: Tsehlanyane National Park

Date: Saturday 26 November 2016

Distances: 50km, 38km

Start time: 06:30am

Sponsors: The North Face and Metropolitan Lesotho


Photo credit: Dom Barnardt

LUT 2016 image 1
Runners tear off the start line at Maliba Lodge in 2015, with 50km of trails in the Maluti Mountains ahead of them. Photo credit: Dom Barnardt
LUT 2016 image 2
Runners will climb to 3200m above sea level to summit and traverse the Maluti Mountains during the Lesotho Ultra Trail. Photo credit: Dom Barnardt
LUT 2016b image 3
Karine Bezuidenhout (3rd in 2015) will have a strong challenge from the international ladies field in this year’s event. Photo Credit: Terence Vrugtman, AdventureLifeSA.
Christmas in Lesotho: 6 Beautiful Adventures to Discover

Christmas in Lesotho: 6 Beautiful Adventures to Discover

Christmas in Lesotho: 6 Beautiful Adventures to Discover

Call it ‘small but mighty’ and you won’t be wrong. Welcome to Lesotho, Southern Africa’s “jewel of inestimable value”. This is a stunning country in many ramifications, and if you’re looking to doing something different this season, Lesotho is the way to go. For an unforgettable Christmas in Lesotho, here are 6 beautiful adventures to discover as we countdown to Christmas (Egwuonwu; 2015).

1.   Sehlabathebe National Park

The Sehlabathebe National Park is situated in the south eastern region of Lesotho. This massive park parades a magnificent array of rock formations unique to this destination. You’ll be awed by the sight of the small lakes, rock art, rock arches as well as a beautiful and unique ecosystem of plants, birds and animals. Despite its fairly inaccessible location (which could be difficult without a 4 wheel drive vehicle), the Prime Minister of Lesotho at the time was reputed to have paid regular visits to the park to engage in trout fishing, a favourite pastime of his. Now that’s one captivating reason to take the plunge (Egwuonwu; 2015).

2.   The Dinosaur Footprints


Lesotho is reputed to have some of the world’s largest known sites of dinosaur footprints. If you think dinosaurs never existed, a visit to Lesotho will surely change your mind. This small but beautiful country is a favourite destination of archaeologists, palaeontologists, and enthusiasts of natural evolution. The nation even has a dinosaur named after it – the “Lesothosaurus” – a 1-metre long herbivorous lizard, a very primitive ornithopod from the late Triassic and early Jurassic period 200 – 208 million years ago (Egwuonwu; 2015).

Many dinosaur footprint locations abound within different locations in the country and some can be found at Morija, Subeng Stream (between Leribe and Butha-Buthe) and Tsikoane close to Leribe, Moyeni, Matsient and Mohale’s Hoek and Quthing District at Masitise / Ellenberger’s Cave House (Egwuonwu; 2015).

3.   Tse’hlanyane National Park


This is Lesotho’s largest park. Occupying a 5,600-hectare patch of rugged wilderness, the Tse’hlanyane National Park parades a stunning array of high altitude landscapes. It also has a unique collection of undergrowth plants that are unique to this woodland habitat. Despite its distant location, it’s a great place to visit, relax, clear your mind and get some fresh air (Egwuonwu; 2015). Tse’hlanyane National Park is the home of yours truly, Maliba lodge.

4.   Kome Cave Dwellings

The Kome Cave is an interesting historical masterpiece which dates back to the early 19th century. Actually, Kome itself is a remarkable village where cave dwellings have been carved and built under towering sandstone rocks. For almost two centuries, these caves have been inhabited, even till date. It is a place called home by descendants of the original inhabitants, the Basia and Bataung clans. The hut-like caves are shaped more like traditional Sotho kilns, built with rock and plastered with a mixture of mud soil and cow dung. Visitors are usually thrilled to learn about the rich history and culture of the people. This prompted the designation of the Kome Cave Dwellings as a National Heritage Site (Egwuonwu; 2015).

5.   Maletsunyane / Semonkong Falls


Did you know that the 204-metre Semonkong falls is the highest single drop of water in southern Africa? Also known as the Maletsunyane falls, this beautiful waterfall can be accessed from Semonkong, a 5-kilometre walk along the Maletsunyane River. This is a perfect spot to catch a picturesque view of this majestic cascading of the river into the swimmable pool below.

The spectacular sight of the fall is at its peak when the water flow is highest. At winter, however, the water freezes, spraying the rocks with ice and forming a stunning cage over the pool. It’s also a wonderful sight to behold. Visitors can lodge at the Semonkong Lodge where the adventurous ones can have the unique opportunity to climb the falls and conquer the world’s highest abseil at 204 metres (Egwuonwu; 2015).

6.   Thaba-Bosiu


Thaba-Bosiu is a national monument in Lesotho, considered the birthplace of the Basotho nation. This is one of the country’s most significant historical sites; and it invokes a sense of identity for the proud nation of Basotho. Thaba-Bosiu literally means “mountain of the night”. It was reportedly the mountain stronghold of “Moshoeshoe the Great”, an ancient ruler and leader of the people. Legend has it that the mountain (though not appearing very high by day) grows by night into an impossibly tall, unconquerable mountain fortress. Even though this story sounds larger than life, Thaba-Bosiu was known to have been attacked many times during Moshoeshoe’s reign, but never conquered.Generally, the Thaba-Bosiu is an interesting place to visit. Its countryside outlook has captivating views that will intrigue you especially the Qiloane pinnacle (the inspiration for the Basotho hat “Mokorotlo”), Moshoeshoe’s grave and the remains of fortifications, among others. Thaba-Bosiu is indeed worth visiting (Egwuonwu; 2015).




Farmers Defy The Odds In Lesotho

Farmers Defy The Odds In Lesotho

Farmers Defy The Odds In Lesotho


After the support they were receiving from WFP ended in November 2013, the farmers of Ha-Mohapi village defied the odds and worked to produce a flourishing fruit tree plantation. The proud farmers are today the envy of passers-by who stop to see how the trees have transformed a once barren area (World Food programme; 2015).  

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5 Simple Tricks To Make You A Better Runner

5 Simple Tricks To Make You A Better Runner

5 Simple Tricks To Make You A Better Runner

 Kirsten Oliver_Lesotho Ultra trail 2014-2346

Running is a mental sport. At times, negative thoughts can get in the way of a potentially great day on the trails and make it a mediocre one. You think, “I’m never going to get faster,” “I’m a horrible runner” or “I’m way too tired for this,” and suddenly every second placing one foot in front of the other becomes excruciating (Huffington Post; 2015).

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14 Most Beautiful Borders in the World

14 Most Beautiful Borders in the World


14 Most Beautiful Borders in the World

As a geography major I love anything to do with maps and borders, so I wanted to compile a list of some of the most beautiful borders in the world. Borders are all man-made but many have dramatic landscapes and distinct culture, making borders special places. And some really stand out as majestic places to travel to and cross for there sheer awe-inspiring beauty. These are not in particular order of ranking (ShawnVoyage, 2015).

1. South Africa/Lesotho Border

One of the stranger borders on the maps because Lesotho is surrounded by the country of South Africa. What makes this border special is the dramatic mountainous landscape of Lesotho mixing with the warmer and lower elevation of South Africa. The views are stunning with cliffs, lakes, waterfalls, and remote villages (ShawnVoyage, 2015).

south africa lesotho

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