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Maliba Bana Club

Maliba Bana Kids Club logo with Bearded VultureThe Maliba Team is very excited to announce the opening of our Maliba Bana Club! ‘Bana’ meaning children in Sotho, is a club aimed at providing a fun filled day in the Maluti mountains for our children at Maliba.

Our mascot, the rare and endangered Bearded vulture, symbolises the clubs love for the environment and protection of species for our children. Read more

2012 Photo of the Month Winner Announced!

The 2012 Maliba Photo Competition has reached a dramatic end as Stu Nolan won a fierce facebook vote-off by a narrow 4 votes in December.

He was very excited and said he was sitting on his computer for 30 minutes watching the votes!

Lesotho herdboy with homemade guitar, photo by Stu Nolan

Lesotho herd boy with home made guitar

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The Highveld Horse Care Unit visit Lesotho

highveld horse care unit logoSolly Motingoe and Samson Phupha spent 10 days in Lesotho in December, and there were lots of ups and downs to the trip.

It was good to see that there was fodder and feed available at some of the pounds and police posts.  Some places didn’t have feed, nor any water. Some of the horses had improved in condition, some had deteriorated, and some died. Solly and Samson spent a lot of time at Leribe, where four of the five police horses were lame.  They work in rocky, mountainous areas, and ideally need shoeing.  Thank goodness our staff have benefited from the World Horse Welfare courses in farriery, and were able to help. Read more

SKRUM Lesotho, the first steps

SKRUM LEsotho Bumper Sticker 6-img_assist-380x137

SKRUM aims to give the youth of Africa HOPE for the future and for once the freedom of CHOICE in their lives through social education and the opportunity to play the wonderful game of RUGBY. Read more

Sani Pass may lose its rugged appeal

An environmental impact report on the future of the Sani Pass is to be handed to the government shortly amid complaints that a proposed tarred road would destroy the sense of adventure for tourists visiting one of the KwaZulu-Natal’s most scenic mountain passes.

The winding gravel road to the summit of Sani Pass in the southern Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg.The proposed upgrade involves building a new 19km tarred or concrete road to replace the winding gravel road to the summit of the Sani Pass in the southern Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg.

A final environmental impact assessment (EIA) report by Gibb consultants, sent to stakeholders last week, suggests there are no fatal flaws to the proposal and recommends that it be approved by the national Department of Environmental Affairs. Read more

Our Lodge in Lesotho – World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner 2012

World Luxury Hotel Awards Maliba Lodge, just four years old, is the new kid on the block but the Lesotho resort is already playing with the big boys.

This week Maliba Mountain Lodge beat off quality international competition and was awarded the World Luxury Hotel Award “for outstanding achievement in service delivery over the past year voted for by your guests and industry consultants in the recent voting poll.”

After months of voting polls, Maliba was  officially named “Luxury Mountain Resort in Africa at the glitzy 2012 World Luxury Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month.

The world’s most sought after hotels, lodges, resorts and private islands were vying for recognition.  The Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort in Thailand last year picked up the award as the global winner in the mountain category while Africa featured in many top awards with Chitwa Chitwa in Botswana and Stanley Safari Lodge in Zambia, winning in their categories for Best Luxury Bush Lodge.

Hotels and resorts were nominated by guests, tour operators and independent travel consultants and voting was based on facilities and service excellence. Situated deep in the north of Lesotho’s breathtaking Maluti/Drakensburg Mountains, the five-star Maliba Mountain Lodge and three-star River Lodge offer a tranquil retreat set in a pristine national park.

Guests have the unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the landscape from horseback, hiking along the various mountain trails, visiting the cultural village or enjoying a massage from the private deck. Maliba also places huge emphasis on community development and welfare and has been shortlisted in the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2012.

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Gavan and Judy Hogan volunteer at the local Schools

One of the directors of Maliba Lodge is a friend who lives near us in Melbourne, Australia. When we heard that there was an opportunity to come to Lesotho to do several weeks of volunteer teaching, we jumped at the chance. We have had several years experience of living and teaching in Papua New Guinea and have great memories of that time.

Gavan and Judy Hogan singing to students

Singing with students at Ts’ehlanyane Community Secondary School

Read more

Hand Me Down, August Redistribution at Maliba Mountain Lodge

So your asking “what is Hand Me Down“? To answer your question, it’s initiative aimed at the collection and redistribution of your old clothes to less fortunate people and communities!
The SA Adventure team was beaming with excitement as we set off on the August Hand Me Down redistribution! The Land Rover’s were packed to the brim with all the bags of Hand Me Downs we had collected. They bounced and weaved their way up a rugged mountain road as we made our way to the Ha Mali Community centre in Lesotho! Read more

New virtual tours added to the Maliba website

Another visit by Andrew Martens, with his special chopper, to take more high altitude photos of the snow capped mountains at Maliba Mountain Lodge.

Andrew Martens from RC Helicam on horse backThree new videos have been added this time.

  • The High altitude snow shot – showing the snow on the mountain peaks around Maliba.
  • The High altitude Black pools – showing the snow on the mountains well and gives the feeling of being tucked away in the mountains and park
  • Low altitude Black pools – A Closer view of the rock pools and surrounding mountain side. Read more

Lesotho’s chronic food insecurity becomes a crisis

Years of bad luck and record-breaking maize prices have led land-locked Lesotho into a crisis. Prime Minister Tom Thabane declared a food security emergency on Aug. 10, and a national vulnerability assessment warns that nearly 45 percent of the nation’s 2.2 million people will face moderate to severe food insecurity in the next few months.

Agriculture in Lesotho faces a catastrophic future.

Photo by Damien du Toit

While the crisis can be mitigated in the short term, Lesotho will need ongoing food support: It’s one of four countries in the world where nearly 100 percent of the population is projected to remain food insecure for the next ten years. Read more

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