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Lesotho Sky MTB Challenge Recce

Day 1 – Lesotho has been on my travel radar, but not so you’d notice … Little land-locked country nestling somewhere against KZN and the Free State, with loads of mountains, dodgy roads and not much else to write home about. Right? How wrong can one be …

Lesotho Sky 2013 - Jacques Marais 03The Mountain Kingdom is everything you can want in an African travel destination, with a dizzying selection of action options vying for the attention of Outsiders from around the globe. It’s not even that far away – Maseru is less than 2hrs from Bloem along a peach of a highway – so no more excuses. And the one thing you cannot afford to leave behind when you cross the border to visit your Basotho brethren? Your mountain bike, buddy, because you’re gonna ride till you get used to the thin air up there.

My first day with the Lesotho Sky MTB Challenge crew (Christian Schmidt and Darol Howes) was relatively laid-back, with us exploring the time trail route within the immediate vicinity of Maseru for this kick-ass Stage Race … 3hrs of cattle-track tripping, donga dashing and pavement cruising eventually got us to Scoopie’s Shebeen, where I was initiated into the pleasures of Africa’s leading brew, Maluti, in quarts, of course.

Any Maseru sojourn is seriously incomplete without a visit to either the Oo-Lah-Lah Coffee Shop or Tumisang Taabe‘s Bike Shop, both institutions in their own right. Best of all, this was just the start of my journey into Africa’s ‘Little Tibet’.

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Photo of the month – Adeshnee Moodley

Congratulations to Adeshnee Moodley who submitted this photo. She was here last month and her husband and by all accounts, had an amazing time.


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Lesotho Wildrun 2013 – Pure & Unimaginable

The 34 runners who made it to the start line of the 2013 Lesotho Wildrun

The 34 runners who made it to the start line of the 2013 Lesotho Wildrun

The Lesotho Wildrun is a pure mountain running journey through the magnificent, remote and wild mountain kingdom of Lesotho. This three-day, 120km mountain wilderness experience takes place through the Ketane Ha Mothibi and Thaba Putsoa ranges, roughly 60km SE from the Lesotho capital of Maseru.  The unrivaled magnificence of this mountain kingdom promises participants trail running like none they’ve experienced before. Read more

Impressions of Lesotho

Traveling in by road through the beautiful countryside of Lesotho, mountains sprawling for miles, we came across the magnificent Maliba Lodge. With a picturesque background, and a warm welcoming from the lodge staff, we knew we had arrived.

The lodge staff were friendly and welcoming, very professional in nature, and clearly a high standard of service was apparent.

As the first nurses invited by the Maliba Trust to meet and work with the St Denis Clinic staff, we were unsure of what our role would be. We were lucky enough to have the lodge Camry to transport ourselves to and from the clinic.

Austrilian volunteer nurses in Lesotho

Australian volunteer nurses in Lesotho

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Jinny Blom’s Sentebale Forget-Me-Not Show Garden sponsored by B&Q


If you follow horticulture, you know that the Chelsea Flower Show is the pinnacle of all flower shows. Thousands make their trek each year, like Islam’s followers to Mecca. I am included in the hordes who flock to London each May to check out the fabulous garden displays. Read more

Milk Chocolate Mousse in Marbled Chocolate Cylinders

Milk Chocolate Mousse in Marbled Chocolate Cylinders

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Oxtail Ravioli in a mild and spicy Korma Curry sauce

Oxtail Ravioli in a mild and spicy Korma Curry sauce

Oxtail Ravioli in a mild and spicy Korma Curry sauce


  • 300g    Plain (Cake) Flour
  • 3    Eggs (+1 Egg beaten)
  • 1ml    Salt
  • 1    Onion, finely chopped
  • 2    Garlic Cloves, finely chopped
  • 15ml    Fresh Ginger, finely chopped
  • 30ml    Masala Powder
  • 45ml    Rajah Curry Powder
  • 250ml    Plain Yogurt
  • 30ml    Wholegrain Mustard
  • 1tin    Coconut Milk
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 120g    Cooked Oxtail, off the bone Read more

Cuisine of the Mountain Kingdom

Maggie Day - Lesotho VolunteerInspired by Ska Mirriam’s international award winning cookbook, Cuisine of the Mountain Kingdom, this month is all about the queen of lijo tsa Basotho, (Basotho Food), Corn or Maize as it’s called here.  We’re just coming into harvest time and the grain stores of most families are slim to none so it’s wonderful to see people now in the fields starting to harvest.    While in January and February it was the standard for people to be carrying peaches and usually eating them at the same time, by March it was time for boiled sweet corn.  Yum.  Picked while the stalks were still green and the kernel were fat, yellow and sweet.  Read more

Hand Me Down April 2013

On the 26th of January 2013 our official involvement in the Hand Me Down project began. Clothing had been donated from far and wide and we had a mammoth task ahead of us sorting and repacking more than 100 bags of clothing into black bags to be distributed in Lesotho in April.

An entire day was spent doing the packing by 8 of us, needless to say after we had finished we were all a little pooped. Further donations on clothing have since been flowing in at a steady pace and we will have to have another packing day soon I am sure!

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Lesotho Sky Marathon – Entries Open!



KZN trial running assoc logo

In the heart of the Lesotho Highlands lies the Maluti Mountains, some of the best terrain for high altitude running in the world.

Serving as the “veins” of this region, an intricate network of trails exists along the valleys and mountain flanks, connecting many of the remote villages. Used primarily by livestock and shepherds, many of the mountain passes have been established by hand, allowing people and animals to pass through the Maluti Mountain Range on foot.

It is this ancient philosophy of man’s primal need to explore and conquer his surrounding terrain that has lead to the development of the Lesotho Ultra Trail, Africa’s first Ultra Skymarathon®. Read more

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