Our Lodge in Lesotho – World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner 2012

Interesting Facts:

  • Over 1000 hotels, lodges, resorts & private islands are nominated every year
  • In 2012 there where a 50% increase in countries participating in the World Luxury Hotel Awards
  • Hotels can self-nominate or can be nominated by guests, tour operators and independent travel consultants to
  • receive recognition for service excellence.
  • Nominators have the opportunity to vote on an annual basis
  • Voting criteria is purely based upon service excellence
  • When the World Luxury Hotel Awards where launched the luxury hotel industry world-wide had absolutely no
  • benchmark award system for hotels that have excelled
  • The World Luxury Hotel Award judging process is not dependant on a board of directors, but by the industry itself
  • in order for the voting system to be fair
    Final Judging Process:

  • The 2012 World Luxury Hotel Awards voting was based on a country, continent and global basis.
  • Each luxury hotel could participate in 1 up to 3 most appropriate categories from a selection categories available.
  • The hotel in turn where competing within the category/categories selected on both a country, continent and
  • global basis.
  • Properties that received the most votes won on the global basis..

For regular updates visit the official homepage on www.luxuryhotelawards.com

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