Lesotho Trout fillets and Spring Vegetables

Lesotho Trout fillets and Spring Vegetables

OPEN SEASON!Lesotho Trout fillets and Spring Vegetables

Trout fishing is something of a pickle, from the rods being lighter to the Bait resembling that of a dragon fly and then the technique of making one’s fly move without disturbing the water in order to create a flowing creature that looks good enough to eat! Trout fishing is a blessed affair in Lesotho; the streams are filled to the brim with flopping, shining, spotted trout.  People come from all over to enjoy and marvel in the experience. This month I am celebrating the two seasons combined. Trout season and Spring.


Serves Two

  • 2 Trout fillets
  • 1 punnet Porcini Mushrooms
  • 100g Cocktail Tomatoes
  • 100g Green Beans
  • 50g chopped Celery
  • 50g chopped Leeks
  • 1 clove Garlic
  • 1 small red Onion
  • 50g Mange touts
  • 1 small yellow Bell Pepper
  • 1 Lemon, juiced.
  • 100g salted Butter
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Olive oil for frying trout in
  • Salt and Pepper

Vegetables onion, tomatoes, peppers, beans and celeryHOW TO:

  • Gather your vegetables together.
  • Wash all vegetables thoroughly especially the leeks as they contain a lot of sand when freshly bought.
  • Remove outer peel of onions and discard, placing onion in a bowl of water, this helps to remove some of the Sap that makes your eyes water.
  • Quarter the bell pepper, remove white flesh and pips. Cut the quarters in half and remove to one side.
  • Take a stick of Celery and remove the stingy bits with the help of a potato peeler or sharp paring knife.  Take the potato peeler or sharp paring knife and place it at the top of the stick.  Slice into the stick and pull back any strings that come away.  This helps for a clean, crisp bite. Slice the celery stick into thin slices and remove to one side.
  • Once the leeks have been washed and all sand removed slice the leeks into thin ringlets.  Add the sliced Leeks to the Celery.
  • Top and tail the green beans and cut them in half horizontally. Put the Beans with the Leeks.
  • Slice the cocktail tomatoes in half and add them to the vegetable mix.
  • Top and tail the mange tout and remove outer string.  Leave them whole for a nice variety in texture.  Add to the Bell Peppers.
  • Remove the bottom part of the Porcini Mushrooms and place with the Bell Pepper mix.
  • Chop Garlic clove or used crushed garlic and leave to the side.
  • Warm a large frying pan over medium heat.
  • Add your butter to the pan and allow the butter to melt slowly.
  • Remove the onion from the water.  Cut the onion in half and slice into thin slices.
  • Add onion to the pan and Sauté until opaque in colour.
  • Add crushed or chopped Garlic to the pan and mix through the onions.
  • Lower the heat.
  • Simmer the Onions and Garlic, taking care not to burn the Garlic and allowing the onions to become soft.
  • Add the Leek and Celery vegetable Melange to the pan and mix thoroughly.
  • While vegetables are slowly sautéing on a low heat take another non stick frying pan and place on high heat.
  • Once the pan is hot add the oil.  Place the trout skin side down.  Turn the heat onto a very low level and allow the skin to slowly crisp up whilst cooking the lower half of the trout.  This helps the fish to retain some of its moisture.
  • Turn up the heat on the vegetables and add the Bell Pepper mix.
  • Flash fry the vegetables together allowing heat to coat all vegetables.
  • Add the Lemon juice and season the vegetables.
  • Remove the Vegetables from the heat.
  • Turn over the trout and bring the heat up to a medium heat.
  • Allow the trout fillets to fry for approximately two minutes before removing them from the heat.
  • Take vegetables and portion into bowls, creating a mountain of fresh, crisp vegetables.
  • Using a spatula remove the trout from the pan and place it skin side up onto the vegetables.
  • Using a spoon, spoon some of the remaining sauce from the Veggies onto the fish.
  • Cover the fish in fresh herbs and served hot.


  • You can buy portioned trout fillets that have the skin on or off.  I recommend keeping the skin on as it helps to protect the flesh and creates artistic appeal.
  • If you cannot find fresh Porcini mushrooms you can use dried mushrooms.  Just soak them for a couple of minutes in Hot water until they become supple and soft.  It also helps to release the flavour.
  • Try using herbs such as Basil, Coriander, Parsley, Chives and Chervil.  They will compliment the acidity of the lemon juice and also bring a freshness that contrasts the oiliness of the butter.


  • This specific dish can be altered in many ways.  You can use the vegetables as a side dish and add a Starch for a more completed main meal.
  • Instead of Trout, you can use any other variety of fish such as Butterfish, Kingklip or Englishman.
  • An acidic un-wooded Chardonnay will compliment this dish to perfection but if you prefer a wine with more oomph you can substitute the Chardonnay with a Riesling or even a Gewürztraminer for a sweeter taste.
  • Pearly Bay sparkling Rosé can also be enjoyed with this meal as it will create the perfect spring compliment.  Light, crisp, sparkling and special

This dish is as versatile as your imagination.  It’s simple, luscious and brand new.  It’s perfect for a light lunch, healthy substitute and uncomplicated dinner.  Have fun with it and remember to enjoy every moment just like every bite you take!

Hope you have fun with this recipe and remember to unleash the inner gourmand every time you try something new!

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