The Old man in the mirror

The Old man in the mirror

Emma wrote to us recently with this story and included this stunning image.

Old Lesotho Man - Emma McEvoy
Old Man - Photo by Emma McEvoy

In July this year I went with 2 friends on my first visit to Africa.

First up we traveled to Zanzibar. Whilst it was beautiful, as a keen photographer I was disapionted to discover that the locals intensely disliked their photos being taken as they believed evil spirits would enter them from the camera. I got dirty looks and was yelled at a few times. I missed heaps of fantastic photo opportunities.

We concluded our travels with a week in Lesotho and were on a drive through the villages when we spotted a group of young kids waving at us from the side of the road. We stopped and when they spotted my camera they were enthusiastically insisting that I take their photo! More and more kids seemed to gather around as they saw people with cameras! They loved it. All the kids were screaming and laughing until an old, frightening looking man walked down.

Everyone fell silent. I was thinking ‘uh oh’ and held onto my camera for dear life imagining he was going to throw it off the mountain top for infesting all the local children with evil spirits! He didn’t speak a word of English and just kept pointing at my camera! Eventually I got one of the better English-speaking kids to ask the old man what he was saying… yes, he wanted his picture taken because he had never seen what he looked like!!

The look on his face and the sound of his laughter when he saw himself on the display screen – priceless!

Emma McEvoy – Australia

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