The “Lucky” hicking guide of Malealea

The “Lucky” hicking guide of Malealea

Guide Lucky and his brother - Malealea, Lesotho
Guide Lucky and his brother (Photo: Dieter Butscher)

Our last visit to Lesotho started at the beautiful Malealea lodge where we stayed 4 days.

We love hiking and usually hire guides in order to learn more about the country while discovering the country on foot. Our guide was named LUCKY…his Basotho name was very long and complicated to pronounce, thus the guides tend to use their English names. Lucky is 22 years old and has for the past 2 or 3 years been working as a guide at Malealea. He loves his work and it grants him and his family a small income. Even though Lucky is still relatively young, he is full of knowledge and wonderfully skilled as a guide.

First we headed down into the Pitseng Gorge where we met a group of young shepherd boys which included his little brother. This young boy was shy, but very charming. Lucky agreed to let me snap a quick picture of him and his little brother seated in the mountainous terrain.

After arriving in the wonderful Pitseng Gorge, we ascended the steep tail leading out onto the Pitseng tableau. Lucky gave us assistance by carrying our backpacks and setting the right pace when he felt that we got out of breath. Boy these Basotho guys are strong and in excellent physical condition. We finished the long hike by viewing some of the amazing Bushmen paintings in the area. Lucky explained the story of the san people and the story behind every painting. It was a long hike of about 7 hours, during which we learnt a lot about the country, the Basotho people and their traditions.

Back at Malealea, I promised Lucky to come back to Lesotho with a pair of proper hiking boots for him (While we were well equipped, he had very poor shoes for the job as a mountain guide). Upon our return to Germany, we’ve bought a good pair of hiking boots for Lucky and will be back in Lesotho later this year, where we hope to present them to him.

Story and Photo by Dieter Butscher


A big thank you to Dieter for sending us this image. Dieter has won himself a Maliba Mountain Lodge peak cap which we will be sending to him shortly.

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