Kids of St. Felix

Kids of St. Felix

Saint Felix kids through brocken glass
Kids looking through broken glass

Earlier this year on a private visit to some of the government schools in Northern Lesotho, I learnt that Lesotho has plenty of Primary/Secondary schools along with dedicated teachers. This has resulted in it having one of the highest literacy rates in Africa (82% – World Vision), however these schools are ill equipped and under financed. This has resulted in minimal teacher resources and no maintenance program leaving schools in a terrible state of disrepair.

This photo was taken at St Felix Primary School which had 150 of its 400 window broken, allowing the freezing mountain air to blow through every classroom. This vivid image was the catalyst for myself and some mates to get together to form the “Maliba Community Trust” to help finance the community, through projects like repairing school infrastructure.

Photo by Nick King

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